Paragolf Bornholm 2021

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ParaGolf Bornholm 2021 has unfortunately been canceled 

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ParaGolf Bornholm is Denmarks most spectacular golf tournament for disabled or mentally disabled players.

Bornholm is an island of contrasts. To the north, the rocks tower towards the blue sky. To the south, the white sand is so fine that the emperor Napoleon himself used it in his hourglass.

Bornholms golf courses also show contrasts. Rø Golf Courses invites you on a challenging round involving trees, rocks and creeks. Dueodde Golf Course is situated near one of Europe´s finest beaches. It is seaside in essence and with sneaky steams. The course in Rønne is more classic and park-like. All courses are 18 hole facilities. Stunning views and natural scenery to be found nowhere else in Denmark are also common trademarks for the Bornholm courses.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to great golf and beautiful nature. In the menu to the right, you will find further information about ParaGolf Bornholm.

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Alot of laughs and good talks during the turnament. We have posted a collection of imagess for you to view. Click the pictures to see them in a larger format.

Programme for HandiGolf Bornholm 2021

May 31
Welcome at Bornhols Golf Club where you will receive the latest information about the tournament and the series complete with the list of participants in each series. There will be an offer of wine, beer, soda and snacks during the arrangement.

Opening day and first ParaGolf Bornholm tournament day:
* Welcome at 10:00 am
* Tee-time at 11:00 am

Dueodde Golfbane
Strandmarksvejen 14
3730 Nexø
Telefon +45 56 48 89 87

June 1
Second ParaGolf Bornholm tournament day
Rø Golfbane (Old Course)
Spellingvej 1, Rø
3760 Gudhjem
Telefon +45 56 48 40 50

June 2
Third ParaGolf Bornholm tournament day 
Bornholms Golf Klub
Plantagevej 3B
3700 Rønne
Telefon +45 56 95 68 52

The final tournament day is closed with a wonderful buffet and entertainment at 6.00 pm. Friends and companions can also participate in the final dinner.


Accommodation in connection with ParaGolf Bornholm

You can stay in well-equipped holiday cottages, apartments or rooms at some of Bornholm´s best holiday locations. All the accommodation places provide good access for disabled people - parking is convenient and there are no or only a few stairs.

When you stay at one of the accommodation places mentioned below, you will automatically get a discount on the entry fee for ParaGolf-Bornholm.

Hasle Feriepark
Hasle Feriepark is situated in scenic Hasle Woods. The well-furnished cottages are equipped for 4-6 persons and are situated only 400 meters from a perfect sand beach. You won´t find any stairs in either the cottages or the centre area. The parking lot is adjacent the cottages. 


Griffen Spa Hotel
Situated in the old and quaint part of Rønne, this large hotel has well-equipped rooms with either a city view or an ocean view. The hotel features a brand new spa- and wellness centre from 2010 and hotel guests can use the centre at no extra charge. Enjoy the stunning sunset from the hotel restaurant. Parking facilities are good and the rooms are prepared for disabled persons.


Hotel Klintely lies in scenic surroundings and welcomes you to apartments suited for 2 or 2-4 persons. The apartments overlook the ocean and all have their own terrace. There is a set of stairs by the reception building, but other than that, there are no stairs. The parking lot is situated next to the apartment complex.


Gudhjem Søpark
Stylish apartments for 4-6 persons, each with a fantastic view of the ocean. The apartments are situated either at ground floor (no stairs) or on the first floor (stairs leading to the apartment). The apartment buildings are joined by paths. The parking lot lies 30-250 meters from the apartments

Golf Course - Dueodde

Beautifully situated. The course varies between woodland, open landscape and fertile agricultural land.
Experience the rich variety of wildlife near the course and watch out for the treacherous small lakes and streams. At Dueodde Golf Course you will find all the challenges typical of a real seaside golf course. Enjoy the quietness and the sweet smell of nature - the dream of a hole-in-one is here.

And if the rest of your family or group is not interested in golf they can enjoy the beautiful beach of Dueodde, while you are swinging your golf clubs. Dueodde Golf Course is situated only 800 m from one of best bathing beaches of Bornholm.

Course information:
18 holes/par 70
Gentlemen: Yellow: 5.631 m. CR 70,3. Slope 128
Ladies: Red 4.951 m. CR 72,0. Slope 125

Dueodde Golfbane
Strandmarksvejen 14
DK-730 Nexø
Tel.: +45 56 48 89 87

Golf Course - Rø

A beautiful course situated in an area with woodland, rocks and streams. One of the most outstanding facilities in Denmark. 2 x 18 holes
You can look forward to exciting play and beautiful golf experiences on this breathtaking course. And it is well-deserved that the - Old Course - is praised to the skies.

Malcom Campell wrote in Golf Monthly: A pearl. This course should be played and enjoyed - several times.
It´s difficult to describe the course. There is only one thing to do: Follow the advice of Malcom Campell - play and enjoy it!

Course information - Old Course:
18 holes/par 71
Gentlemen: Yellow: 5.369 m. CR 70,0. Slope 131
Ladies: Red: 4.664 m. CR 70,9. Slope 127

Course information - New Course:
18 holes/par 72
Gentlemen: Yellow: 5.916 m. CR 72,1. Slope 132
Ladies: Red 5.095 m. CR 73,0. Slope 128

Rø Golfbane (old course)
Spellingvej 1, Rø
DK-3760 Gudhjem
Tel.: +45 56 48 40 50 

Golf Course - Rønne

A beautiful scenery! The course is located in a partly protected area with wild fruit trees, orchids and a rich wildlife.
The ParaGolf-Bornholm tournament starts after the welcome party and is played on this classical and beautiful course of the Bornholm Golf Club.

The course goes through woodland and hills - get a beautiful nature experience with hardly any wind.

Course information:
18 holes/par 68
Gentlemen: Yellow: 4.839 m. CR 66,2. Slope 119
Ladies: Red 4.202 m. CR 67,2. Slope 114

Bornholms Golf Klub 
Plantagevej 3B
DK-3700 Rønne
Tel.: +45 56 95 68 52 

Golf Courses - Accessibility

Handicap friendly golf courses

All three golf courses in ParaGolf Bornholm are certified as handicap friendly. Furthermore, the courses are all members of the Danish Handicap Sports Association. The certification of the three courses had been carried out by the Danish Golf Association and Danish Handicap Sports Association. This means that the courses all have:
* an agreement to involve disabled and handicapped people in the sport
* handicap friendly parking lot
* access for guide dogs
* access for wheel chairs in the club house
* access to the golf courses by wheel chair/crutches
* declared that the courses will be helpfull in raising capital for special
   personal equipment
* information on the golf rules for disabled people and specific
   brochures and information about tournaments put up in places where all
   members can find it





Gudhjem Havn

Gudhjem Havn









Østerlars Rundkirke

Østerlars Rundkirke



ParaGolf Bornholm - Sponsors

Great appreciation to our sponsors, without whom ParaGolf Bornholm would not be possible:


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